Saturday, 23 March 2019

Arctic Silhouette - Dusty Attic Inspiration March 2019

My turn to say Hello! 
I am an organic girl at heart... as an amateur astrologer I think that it is because I don't have the earth element represented in my chart! 
I think that for me to feel connected to the earth I need to immerse myself in it. I think that's why I create. I use elements I can see touch and feel and put them into something from my imagination and that creates a connection... Does anyone else ever feel like that?

 I sat down one night with a pallet knife and some fluid acrylic.. Just having a play really and created this from a whole bunch of straight lines. Having no immediate use for it I put it aside... Well it was all of about a week before the inspiration for this one took hold. I kept feeling that the base for this one reminded me of a snow flurry across a frozen northern hemisphere lake. So with that in mind I foraged (much like my little Bower Bird) among my Dusty Attic Chipboard and began to create. 

In this one I blotted out a circle for the moon with just some card stock and double sided tape. I then mixed up some chalk paint from Paper Artsy and then washed the background with some more circular movements to mimic a flurry. I also added some highlights to the trees to reflect the moonlight as they looked too dark to be under a full moon. 

I positioned my chipboard around the canvas until I felt that if I was there... this is how it would look. I can can never make up my mind so I think that this in the end for me is always the longest process.  

I gathered all my metals and chipboards. In this kind of design I find my chippies invaluable. I love to find little holes and fill in the spaces with little visual elements. 

Thanks for looking!! 

Abela Artistry

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Dusty Attic Mood Board Inspiration - March 2019

 Hi and welcome to Autumn. This mood board for me inspired feelings of bare nature and wooded lands. A compliment to my barren arctic canvas which is my other inspiration for this month.

I dug around in my generous stash of chipboard and found some pieces that I thought fit the theme I had in mind...  I pushed them around on my page until I thought I had a winner.

Here is my thought process while creating... I add and subtract and take 1000 images. My poor phone!!  
I used my Dusty Attic Stencil to create some interest in the background. I used my pastes to add coloured texture. 

Time to colour my chipboard! 
I played around with so many elements. I coloured it with water colour on raw chipboard and compared it to metallic paint.

                 I added some embossing powders, 

                            Rust paste and wax

and Acrylic paints... 

I really got to play with those textures I would have found in the forest... 
Here are some close ups of the finished project. 

Thanks for looking!! 
Have fun creating off our March Mood Board!!

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Fierce & Fearless - Colour Blast Australia

Hi Everyone...
Here is a fun image from Tyler's Yr 6 Farewell... We scrapped him with his brothers... Now we get to see him with his father! 
I really LOVE the way the colours came together on this one!! 
So happy with the results! 

So happy to have received some of the fancy new Graffiti Grunge papers by Michelle Grant!! I had a rifle through them and set my heart on using these for a high impact layout... 

I also got to use my new Graffiti Grunge - Do It range of stamps! 
How sexy are those stamped images?? At this stage I was pretty sure that I was going to make a hot mess of the background... So I protected it with a layer of Clear gesso beforehand.

Woot Woot... New Stencils. this time its Michelle's A4 Chain Links Stencil (Large) I really like to mix my Colour Blast Colour Paste with other colours to get a marbled effect. I love to see the way they interact with each other. I added some Colour Paste in Apple of my Eye and Just Blue. Then when I felt that they had fallen too far into the background I made them pop with some Colour Paste in Leather! The perfect metallic. 

Check out the shimmery goodness in this almost Patina like effect.

Now for some Colour Blast Shimmer Dust. I love my mini misters!! Here I chose Colour Shimmer Dust in Duke, Navy and Paris. The best part was when they blended and I created my own custom colour of Teal! Check it out below in the full image of the finished background.

When I create I have a habit of creating the foreground and the background in two independent pieces.. Then if I want to add some extra layers... Too easy! Here is the Matt I created for my photo. I inked some of the edges and added some plasterers tape and some Sisal to break up the layers. I feel as though this adds volume.

Here  am working on creating some gorgeous embellishments with my Dust Attic Chipboard and my Colour Blast Gesso (White) and my Colour Embossing Powder in Leather and Stormy Sky

This is the finished background... See the Teal?? 
I added some Paint splatters with my Colour Blast Gesso watered down and tapped my brush with my scissors to release the droplets... 
Seems too good to cover up... 
But my boys are just as good to look at!! Wink Wink!!

Here is a close up of the layers of Stamping, Stencil, Water colour and some paint splatters. #burstingwithlife 

Finally the part we all love... Putting the pieces together!!
Close ups of the finished project!!

Thanks for looking... If you have any new creations with the Graffiti Grunge range pop them up on the Colour Blast Creative Corner and I can spread some love back your way!! 

Abela Artistry - Instagram

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Blue Magnolia - Colour Blast

Hi Colour Blasters, 
This time round I have done something a little different. While I was preparing my class for Scrapbook Superstore in Penrith I had a play at creating a new Colour Blast Colour Paste shade to use with my papers as the standard colours just didn't match... We scrappers like things to match or compliment don't we??

So this is how it began...
I grabbed all my pots of Blues in the Colour Blast Colour Pastes: Just Blue, Singing the blues, Deep water and my Favourite Envy!! I swatched them and compared them to the paper I was working on. None of them made me happy so while I had all my pots out together I tried blending them...

I was starting to get some really cool variations on the standard colours. And made some notes on the rough ratio so I could reproduce the colour later. 


Once I had decided on which colour to use I made up a bigger batch. I used Colour Paste in Envy and Just Blue in a ratio of 4:1 so I didn't lose that super green shade in the blue. 

 I found that I lost some of the blue... and had to top up so I changed my ratio to 5:2.


Now I could get on with using my Michelle Grant Stencil - Live your Dreams.

Here are a few images from the finished layout. I hope next time you don't have the EXACT shade you do some colour matching too.

Abela Artistry
Let me know how you go by posting your experiments on our Facebook Page - Colour Blast Creative Corner.