Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Altered Couture - Handmade Journal - March inspiration post

 Well... A little journey into some serious YouTube distraction got me inspired to create this handmade mini album. I had some Chipboard sheets and thought that this would be a perfect use to create something totally customised... and use up what was left of an old paper pad. 

To create the cover I used clear crackle and a little bit of Walnut stain on the cracks to give it the weathered look. Once dry I rubbed a distress crayon over the top. This was picked up on the highest cracks and ridges and left just a touch of colour and I blended it with my fingertip. I covered the clock in metallic paint and the rest of my chipboard with chalk paint. Once painted I used a little bit of wax to highlight the edges of the frame. 
Check out the little dragonfly! Gel pen...
I used the chipboard filler to support the frame here. The title was a smidge too big! By not overloading the paint and using a sponge to dab it on I was able to save the detailed line work. 
Check out the Gel pen!! Can you tell I have found a new fav?! 

Wondering what the Title means? It's the theme of the paper and both my Grans were seamstress. I am planning to add the vintage black and whites I have of them to the album. Dusty attic have a HUGE range of Mini Chipboards. When I get around to filling the album I will add them as accents to the page. 
Check out the album walk through below. 
The pages are created as sleeves so there is this cool little opening that you can add an insert into. I really enjoyed creating these pages and the extra wide signatures mean you can pack a lot of stuff in the pages without worrying about how they close.
The back cover has the other half of the Fancy trim #22. The album is quite wide and it gives your fingers something to grip to when holding it and flipping through. 
Thanks for looking and if you have any questions reach out on Facebook or Instagram!!

Products used

Chipboard sheets

Mini Dragonflies

Frame Medley

Fancy Trim #22

Lace Border #2 Small

Decorative Frame #4 Small

Mini words #3 - Artist

Skeleton Clock Face

Cherish the day - an Industrial Mixed Media Canvas

Hello Dusty FanAttics! 

I have been itching to do a canvas for a while now. So I stopped procrastinating and just did it!! This Industrial style layout features a whole bunch of colour layering using fabric, lace, metals, cabochons and flowers PLUS our Dusty Attic Chipboard to bring it to life! I'm planning on doing this in an upcoming class if you want to have a go at trying it for yourself. This style is super easy with the right background and Dusty Chippy is the perfect platform to build your own masterpiece! 

Here are some close ups of the finished piece! 

Here are the Dusty pieces I used to make this layout. If you are interested in learning how to do this style of Mixed media head over to my Facebook or Instagram on the links below and let me know!

Industrial Gears Large

Wings #3 

Skeleton Clocks Faces Large

Mini Titles #1 

Roman Numerals 

Abela Artistry



Monday, 22 February 2021

Moodboard Inspiration for February 2021


Welcome to February!!! The gorgeous pair I am posing with were attending the Year 6 Farewell. Aksel's now in year 12 and Ruby has grown into a lovely young woman and has left school. I had so much fun shopping with Ruby for her dress, her first Big Girl Dress. Yet all Aksel wanted to wear was boots!! Isn't it funny how these moments only seem like yesterday. For all of us, slightly different memories. Nevertheless... DOCUMENTED. 


Anyhoo... here is a rundown on my creative process.. I started my background with some book pages and scrapbook collage papers I have on my desk. I used some clear gesso to seal them and then added some highlights with some Neo Colour crayons in a similar colour. While the gesso is still wet it blends the pigment nicely and allows it to move around the page. I then added texture paste that I tinted with some chalk paint.

 Once dry I used some blue and green Neo Colour to add some contrast to the scribble circles in the stencil. I added a spritz of water to the crayon and it welled up and filled in the troughs.  

I kept the frames simple and used some golds acrylic paint to draw attention to the images.   


To decorate the wildflowers I used a chunky layer of gesso ensuring that the peaks and ridges were well defined. I used my Lindy's sprays and applied directly from the dropper onto the buds. I used two layers to get the colour intensity I liked. Once it was dry I used some gold wax and applied it lightly from my fingertip.

I used chalk paint to colour the flowers. to create the stamens I used a gel pen to add definition. later in the project I added a cabochon to the center. It magnifies the detail and makes it a cool 3D look.

I had fun digging deep and finding some memories. I hope you enjoy them too... 
Abela Artistry

 Products Used

Wildflower #3

Blooms #1

Wild grass #3 Small 

Squiggly Frame #3 

Squiggly frame #2 

Mini Seagulls

Mini Captions #18

Circle Stencil DA1608 

Saturday, 23 January 2021

To the MOON and BACK - Inspiration for Dusty Attic January 2021

 Hi everyone, Happy new year to you all. I hope it's been good to you so far. For my inspiration post I decided to continue with the esoteric theme from last month. I am an AVID amateur astrologer and have been playing with the idea to do an off the page for each of the zodiac. If you saw last month it was very definitely a Cancerian theme seeing as the ruler of the sign is the Moon... and the New moon in December in the sign of cancer too... This project focuses on the theme of Twins. Yep.. Gemini! I hope you enjoy it as much as what I did.

 I used a canvas in reverse. I tore the fabric and created a mystical edge. I highlighted it with loads of metallic paint and used black gesso to mute it. I used Paper from Stamperia and fussy cut all the sizable animals I could find out of it. I used clear crackle on the astronomical chart in the background and used oil paint to darken the cracks. 
I used my Foliage #21 to create silhouettes of trees on the skyline. I used heavy black gesso and dabbed it on using two applications. I applied Wax in silver to highlight the ridges on the trees, a bit like moonlight shadows...
 I used my chipboard remnants to make the layers between the planets and also the animals. I really wanted a highly dimensional project where every animal looked like it was popping out of the box. It was so hard to photograph.

The Wordplay #4 caption said it all... I just used some gold paint and edged it to make it a bit shimmery like my moon. I used some glitter flakes to create the shimmer in the sky. 

I played with a combination of Industrial Stars #2 and Stars #4 Using both my rule of threes and twin theme.. Once done i filled up the bottom of the frame with Wood wool and Art stones to create a forest floor...
Thanks for looking and let me know if you like the Astrological esoteric theme? I am always curious to know how many believers are out there...  

Abela Artistry

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

The Places we go - Dusty Attic Moodboard - January 2021

 Hi Everyone... Here we are looking at 2021! I decided that this year would be a good opportunity to get some oldies but goodies out of the way with my scrapping this year. This image is of an Easter we spent down in Canberra with my Mum. While we were there we popped on into Questacon! My kids had visited on their Year six camp with school and Tyler had missed out because he went to a different Primary School... my boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience so now we were inducting Tyler!  


 To prepare my page I used clear gesso. I got my brayer out and layered similar colours on the underneath sheet where I tore it to match the foreground card stock. I used some archival ink in Black and Brown to distress the torn parts. I used my fav grunge accessory... Plasterers tape and created a space within to play.
 I used chalk paint to colour my Notebook Edge Border and attached a tear strip from the dotted card stock I had of Industrial lights. I attached it to the page where the paper had changed texture as a border. I then used this as the flow of the page going in a T shape.
I used my crackle paste to add some dimension to the background along the plasterers tape. The tape kind of grabs the texture paste and creates a great weathered feel. I also added some newspaper print stamping to the background - more vintage-ness! I popped loads of layers of Grungy papers that I found in my stash and added the Chicken Wire Panel chipboard to break them up. I used pieces of it - not the whole thing so I could save the depth in the center of the page for the thicker Corrugated Card to sit in. I saved a layer of height there... I will one day pop my layout into an album so I like to minimise my height where I can.
I used some rust paste to grunge up my Geo Gears #1 and Geo Gears #2 also added some to the background so that weathered wall had some tarnish to it too... I used a Techno Circle to add a cap and a bottom to the collage. I am still using that vertical strip as my guide. I also popped some grungy die cuts.

A fun filled layer of splatters - two shades of course, white and the sand chalk paint I used for the title. I added some crosshatch stamping to the background as an extra piece of interest.

To highlight the corrugated card stock I rubbed a Distress Oxide pad onto it. I used two colours Old Paper and Dried Marigold.

I kept the title "The places we go" in a neutral shade without any fancy techniques. I think that the plainness of it makes it pop in a reverse kind of way. 

I used the colours from the mood board as inspiration and also the dry summery feel.
Thanks for stopping in and I look forward to seeing your creations in the Dusty FANattics page!  

Abela Artistry

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Moonlit Offering - December inspiration for Dusty Attic

Welcome to my final post for 2020.... however it wont be my last post for Dusty Attic. While everyone enjoys a quiet break ill be busy in my little studio creating masterpieces for 2021! Bring it on, I say!! I hope that you have enjoyed my creations as much as I have. With that in mind I have made a little offering for you all... that a little piece of heaven fills your night sky with love, light and healing in 2021. 

I have wanted to do something special with my mystic boho obsession and Jen and Nuneka came to the rescue with these fantastic new designs. I have been holding onto some Stamperia Cosmos papers for just this occasion... I attached an image of the moon to a canvas panel of 8 x 8". I then added a generous amount of clear crackle paste.

 I painted all the chipboard with TWO coats of white gesso. I was planing to use an oil paint indigo wash over the whole page so I wanted to protect my chipboard from the wet medium. I filled some of the moon with seed beads and filled in the edges with art stones. I painted some of the focal points with a gold acrylic paint. This has a high resist finish and I knew that it wouldn't absorb the wash.
I used modelling paste to create some texture and create hair and a dress for my little fairy. Once I applied the wash I used a selection of waxes to add highlights. I love the way that the moon in the background now looks like the earth! 
I used some Metallic paint to colour her dress and I put some metallic paste on the bottom of the cabochons to create the ethereal shimmer underneath.

Here in the close up you can see that the little moon in her hand was actually the cut out piece from the big moon... I kinda thought it was symbolic to use this as an element in the "offering".

Here is my final closeup... I hope you like this kind of Mixed Media work. This collage on canvas really sings to my soul and is my absolute joy!
  Have an amazing Christmas everyone! Thanks for looking and catch you on the flipside...
Abela Artistry

 Chipboard used

Gears #1 by Nuneka

Moons #2 by Nuneka

Garden Fairy

Industrial Wings #1

Gear Corners #1

Mini Titles #1 - Love