Friday, 23 July 2021

Strike a pose - Dusty Attic Inspiration for July

 Hey Dusty FanAttics,

Here is one of my favourite pics of my son and I goofing off on the train. If I don't wave my phone in front of their faces and call out 'Selfie' I'd never catch them on camera. I was mucking around with some Snapchat filters and caught this one. He's grown  some since then and now has  girlfriend who is camera obsessed... She thanks me (wink, wink). 


I got a hold of the fab Mr Handsome collection from 13@rts and ha to play with the grungy masculine papers. I cut the frame out of this page and mounted the trimmed paper onto a piece of card stock and then magic mounted the frame back on to create a sunken background. Before sticking the frame back on I got my brayer out and wanted to calm down the numbers in the background because I wanted to use the chipboard number panel to not only compliment it but to be a focal point. 

I used layers of paint and splattering to blend in the background. Once done I used my distress Oxides to shade in some areas to enhance the shadowing in the areas I wanted to highlight.

I fussy cut the elements from the collection and used brown shades of Distress inks to age them and created my collage

I kept the number Panel dark and neutral. I did use thick blobs of paint to create texture even though the colour wasn't too exciting. I coloured some gears as well to add to the layout and varied the shade on them to compliment but not compete with the number panel.

To make up for it I used the word "Pose" from the title pack and started out with it being a sand colour. I didn't think it did the layout any justice so I wanted to bling it up. Using tacky when dry glue and foil transfer I added layers of metallic colour to contrast the whole layout. What was grungy and matt suddenly had a bit of glamour for the pose!!

P.S. I painted out the guy who was sitting behind us on the train too... Who needs a noisy background!


Happy Scrapping!



 Dusty Attic chipboard used

Number Panel Large

Strike a Pose 

Industrial Gears 

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Treasured Memories - Inspiration for June with Dusty Attic

 Hey Dusty fan's! 

I have made a layout this month celebrating the theme of marriage again. This was my Hens night and I am so privileged to have an amazing bunch of strong and independent women celebrating with me. Every one in this pic knows a version of me and collectively know my whole self... Thank you ladies for guiding me and celebrating with me!!


This is my inner circle family & friends old and new... I added some gold paint to the edges of the photo to add a mock gilded edge. I felt it fitted the glamour theme. 


I fell in love with this vintage camera. When Ciao Bella released there range of paper celebrating vintage Hollywood ! knew it had found its home. I picked some other elements to compliment the fussy cuts in this range and created a tribute. I used my pens to add dimension to the chipboard and layered it with some cog chipboard and a metal embellishment. I have close ups below.

I cut the chains and highlighted them with metallic waxes. I used distress oxides to add interest to the edges of the page and shaded out some areas with distress ink to reduce the page noise.

Here are the accents to the camera and the cogs layered in the background.

 Check in on the Dusty Attic Facebook page - Dusty Fanattics...a place to share and inspire... I look forward to your creations!! Thanks for looking!!


Products used

Vintage Camera Large 

Chains - 4 Pc 

Treasured Memories 

Gears by Nuneka # 1




Sunday, 30 May 2021

Happy Anniversary & Happy Birthday - Dusty Attic Mood Board May 2021

Once a year we have a very special day to Celebrate... 

When I visited my now hubby's parents for the first time, Nine years ago, I noticed memorabilia on the wall referring to my birthday. I casually asked and discovered my in-laws were married on my birthday. Its been a big day of double celebration ever since... This was a few years back... 

However, this year they celebrate 50 years together... 
Congrats to them!

I used the background to help bring the page to life. In this collection there was also a sheet that had abstract cutout elements that I fussy cut. I used them to shadow the original page. I added some modelling paste and sprinkled embossing powder on it. Once dry I heated it and got a variegated look. 

Here are the elements I used to bring my page to life.

I have always loved matting... Modern pages have stopped using a quick easy way to draw the eye to a focal point so I thought I would play around with it on this months layouts. I added a squiggly frame to the photograph to help block out some of the background noise.

My favorite element was the title.I used chalk paint and paint pens to create a weathered looking title and used white pen to accent it. I love the way the white lines give dimension to the 2D embellishments. 

I used lots of layering and foam tape to recreate the effect of layered flower. Stars were for wishes and hearts for happiness.



Check in on the Dusty Attic Facebook page - Dusty Fanattics...a place to share and inspire... I look forward to seeing your creations!! Thanks for looking!!



 Products used

Stars #4 

Squiggly Frames #6 

Today's Memories - TITLE

 Industrial Star -2

Swirl #1 

Swirl #2 

Friday, 16 April 2021

I am enough - Dusty Attic Inspiration for April 2021


 Hi Dusty Fanattic's

With the changing of the season and a new job... that is super hectic, and a little out of control, I created a post that reflected the changes around me and a little reminder for myself that I am enough. I hope you like the mini tutorial and find something new for creating backgrounds for off the page!


Here are some close ups of my project.

I started with some paper piecing. I always have a stash nearby that I use for my journal. I wanteTo create a white washed look I covered the whole piece in chalk paint.d to add some texture in the background so I distressed the edges of the cardstock, cut them into squares, added some plasterers tape and old die cuts. I covered teh whole thing in a layer of gel medium to help with the resist on teh distressed edges of card.

To create a whitewashed look I covered the whole thing in chalk paint. One it was touch dry  I used a baby wipe to rub back the areas I wanted the rusty paper to peek through. This helps all the elements look like they belong together.
I did the same thing with some orange paint and then dry brushed some red on there. The dry brushing ends up sticking to the areas that are raised so it is a great way to add some highlights. 

It was time to decorate my chippies. 

I used a base coat of brown on the chains and then added some rust paste by dabbing randomly with my brush. The best fix for a heavy hand of rust paste is to just go back over it with the base coat and play until you get a realistic look. I touched some yellow paint to the top of the chains to finish it off. 

I wanted to grunge up the cogs as my contrast colour. I used a base of blue, a layer of dark green and then a dry brush of burgundy... and a dry brush of creamy white. I really just kept adding layers until I got to the point where i was happy. If it didn't work... I would have just painted over it and started again. It doesn't hurt to just play...

I have always found it difficult to display tags once created. I love the way they are mini masterpieces and don't take up much room but they often fall off the wall or get knocked over. My crafty partner in crime (Kerensa) has designed these stands for me! If you love them too you can email me and I will put you in touch with her and she can send you out some! For a small fee of course...

Thanks for looking and I will keep my eye out on the Dusty Fanattics page to see your fantastic creations. Till next time... Kristy!


Abela Artistry

 Dusty Attic Chipboard used...



Monday, 5 April 2021

Every photo tells a story - Dusty Attic Mood Board inspiration - April 2021

 Hi Crafters!

I really enjoyed the Mood Board this month. I found some amazing masculine themed paper in the new releases from 13@rts. There is a more laid back set and this one here is aimed at teenagers. Its not often we get young male inspiration and this new release is page after page of great ideas. I loved the composition on this piece and really let the paper speak for itself. All it needed was some dimensional accents from our favourite Dusty Attic chipboard and some clever composition. Instead of talking about how I decorated the chipboard I thought I would give you some tips and hints on composition. Let me know on our Facebook page if they help!

 I treated myself to something new from the Tim Holtz release and found this tissue paper. Perfect for my puzzle pieces! I used Gel Medium to stick it down and used a light spritz of water to peel off the excess once the underneath layer of Gel medium was dry. Then I added another layer to seal it. Either gloss or matt gel will do the job. If you don't have any Tissue paper you can always paint the chipboard pieces white and use your favourite stamps to get a similar effect!



I really wanted to highlight the circle in the background and use it as the frame for my composition. You will notice that I haven't added any dimensional accents on the left hand side so the eye is really drawn to the collage within the circle. To enhance it I used some regular old string, brushed some water based black dye, and a few staples... Nothing says teen grunge like dirty water and bits of metal!

I matted the background with black Bazzil to frame the composition and I used my finger to run some black paint around the edge of the photo. This created two black square-ish shapes on the page. Repetition of shapes helps create cohesion and also framed the photo in amongst all the bright colours to draw the eye to what was important.

To give the chipboard some place to 'sit' I created a neutral texture in the background with my favourite accessory, Plasterers tape!! I love this stuff because you can cut it at different angles to create some amazing shapes. It also helps to give your mediums something to stick to. Can you see the the gold leaf flakes? How cool are these and they give a touch of an electroplated influence to a page. Can you see how the mesh tape in the background gives it a place to rest? I applied the tacky glue with a pallet knife and because of the ridges you can get a really random effect when you brush off the excess.
 I wanted to colour the chipboard to tie in with the background palette. Because it is so bright, adding more colours would confuse the focal point. In this composition we have used black and white as part of our palette. When creating with bright colours we need to 'calm the page down' at some point otherwise our eyes get overwhelmed. Without black and white to do this, grey becomes a great option as a neutral! To break up the layers of chipboard I added some interest by dabbing texture paste on the Broken Bits - Bricks with a brush. I added some variation of colour with chalk paints. If you don't have texture paste you can add some sand to acrylic paint and get the same effect. 
 A plain white title on top of all the crazy was all I needed to finish it off. See how I used the Grey again to frame what was important on the page? 

I hope that you gained some clever tips to help with your next project.

Products used

Broken Bits #9

Jigsaw pieces - Medium

Perforated mesh

Title - Every photo tells a story

Triangle Panel - Small

Mini Brackets

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Altered Couture - Handmade Journal - March inspiration post

 Well... A little journey into some serious YouTube distraction got me inspired to create this handmade mini album. I had some Chipboard sheets and thought that this would be a perfect use to create something totally customised... and use up what was left of an old paper pad. 

To create the cover I used clear crackle and a little bit of Walnut stain on the cracks to give it the weathered look. Once dry I rubbed a distress crayon over the top. This was picked up on the highest cracks and ridges and left just a touch of colour and I blended it with my fingertip. I covered the clock in metallic paint and the rest of my chipboard with chalk paint. Once painted I used a little bit of wax to highlight the edges of the frame. 
Check out the little dragonfly! Gel pen...
I used the chipboard filler to support the frame here. The title was a smidge too big! By not overloading the paint and using a sponge to dab it on I was able to save the detailed line work. 
Check out the Gel pen!! Can you tell I have found a new fav?! 

Wondering what the Title means? It's the theme of the paper and both my Grans were seamstress. I am planning to add the vintage black and whites I have of them to the album. Dusty attic have a HUGE range of Mini Chipboards. When I get around to filling the album I will add them as accents to the page. 
Check out the album walk through below. 
The pages are created as sleeves so there is this cool little opening that you can add an insert into. I really enjoyed creating these pages and the extra wide signatures mean you can pack a lot of stuff in the pages without worrying about how they close.
The back cover has the other half of the Fancy trim #22. The album is quite wide and it gives your fingers something to grip to when holding it and flipping through. 
Thanks for looking and if you have any questions reach out on Facebook or Instagram!!

Products used

Chipboard sheets

Mini Dragonflies

Frame Medley

Fancy Trim #22

Lace Border #2 Small

Decorative Frame #4 Small

Mini words #3 - Artist

Skeleton Clock Face