Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Wonder - Colour Blast Australia

Hi there... Welcome to my next inspiration.. I am a dab hand at using black.. One of the many reasons that I LOVE Colour Blast products.. 
So much Shimmer and Shine!
I wanted to have a play with the Colour Paste and their resist effect alongside the Colour Mica Powders. I wanted to create backgrounds for dry brushing effects.

I primed a 5" x 7" Canvas with Colour Blast Black Heavy Gesso and used Colour Paste in Deep Water to create these stunning wings through a stencil.

I grabbed some trinkets, chipboard and art stones from my stash and created a collage and painted it all black too. I have a happy box and just rummaged through to find some elements that had the same theme. 

I mixed some Colour Mica Powder (Cool Mint, Polar and Olive Grove) with some gel medium. The Colour Mica Powders are pigment only so if you want them to stick you need to add them to a medium.  I didn't want to dilute the colour so I used the gel medium. I then added a spritz of water to make it fluid consistency.

I dabbed it on haphazardly and then gave it another spritz of water to let it to sink deep into the cracks. Using a paper towel I dabbed off the excess. The white is the water reacting with gel medium, don't worry.. It dries clear..

I repeated the process with all three colours, drying in between. Using my damp paper towel I dabbed over the project to add colour to the rest of the canvas as well. Keep playing until you are satisfied.  
Once this was dry I used some Colour Blast White Heavy Gesso to dry brush the whole project to lift the contours out of the collage. 

I mixed up some colour out of my Colour Shimmer pot in Singing the Blues and Bling. I used just enough water to activate the pigment and dry brushed them onto the cherub and the butterfly.

Check out the subtle shimmery effect the puddles have left. The Deep Water Colour Paste has a total resist effect and has not lost any of its shine during the process.

Here are some close ups!!

To finish off the page I used Colour Mica Powder in Leather to a title I had in my stash and were done..  

Thanks for looking and if you like to play with the Black Heavy Gesso and Colour Mica Powders be sure to upload your take in the Colour Blast Creative Corner on Facebook
Ciao for now... Kristy. 

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Art and Soul - Journal Inspiration - Braver, Smarter, Stronger & Loved!

Morning Tribe...
Loved doing this one and finally getting a chance to play with some fluid acrylics and my brayer... 

I applied three layers of paint onto an old book with my brayer. I put the paint onto my craft sheet first and gave it a spritz of water to activate the fluidity.

I then used two stencils, both from Dusty Attic to add some interest on the background and applied with a sponge dabber to avoid bleeds. I used a cap to create some circles and added a few splatters while the paint was juicy. 

Finally got to try this colour Quinacridone Gold.. One of my favourite journal artists uses this colour and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Knowing I love earthy tones.. I am in love too.

I used Gel Medium to apply some strips of paper to the page and rubbed alight coat of Gesso onto the top so I could apply paint. The paint doesn't like to stick to the gel medium otherwise. 

I used my cap to add some more circles to try and pull the foreground into the background. I used the dark grey colour from my first layer to do this.

I dabbed some colour onto the top of the page and spritzed with water to get the paint to run. I then repeated the process with a turquoise colour to create a patina effect.

To add some depth to the background I used a charcoal pencil to outline the strips of paper and create some shadows.

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with the circles... I still wanted to play with the fluid acrylics and picked up an off white colour and some watercolour pencils in similar shades. 

I put one coat of paint on the page as a base. I applied the pigment from the pencil and then applied a second layer of paint and then blended it in.
To finish them off I outlined the circles with the charcoal pencil and blended.

I ran a piece of string off the roll and let it fall onto the page. I attached it with Brads and stuck my title down... DONE!! 
So easy! Check out some of the close ups below and check out the full product list below... Thanks for looking!

Product used:
Dark Grey / Medium Grey / Raw Sienna / Titan Buff / Quinacridone Gold / Cobalt turquoise
Dusty attic Stencil  - Cross hatch and Checker plate
Brads, Cogs and paper strips from my stash

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Highlight by Kristy Abela - Colour Blast

This one was actually my first Project using the products from Colour Blast. I received my kit from Tenisha and dived straight into using the Colour Artist Inks... I put it into "Save for later" as that month Ros and Michelle also did amazing layouts using the same colours. First world problems.. I know right!!

My turn now to showcase my sunset.. I snapped this pic on my phone when I got out of my car from my driveway last summer and I love it. It truly shows what the sunsets in Western Sydney are like.. Hotter than hell in summer and spectacular reward at the end of the day!
Have a look at some close ups and I will run through how I achieved the effect at the end. 

I started by pooling Colour Artist Inks onto my page. I started with the lightest colours first, Barley, Cider and Rust. Then building up to Sunset and Bordeaux. I didn't prime my page. I used a semi gloss cardstock so it wasn't particularly porous as I found that the colours were more vibrant without gesso. I did this in several layers drying some areas with a heat tool to seal in the colours and left other areas wet too add more colour to blend. 

 Once dry I used Colour Artist Ink in Soot to splatter my page. 

I wasn't really satisfied with the soot on its own - too dark as I was hoping to use black embellishments to replicate the silhouette in the photo. I added some Colour Mica Powder in Olive to Gel Medium and watered it down just a touch to add some golden splatters to the background also.

 To finish off the background I added some Colour Paste in Tangerine and used a marbled stamp to add some definition to the background. I had a contrast of shimmery oranges and golds with some flat blacks.. 

 To finish off my page I created my own embellishment by colouring some watercolour paper with the same Colour Artist Inks I used for the background. 

I used the same techniques to create the clocks. I stamped the image onto cardstock I had coloured and fussy cut. 

 I used Colour Blast Heavy Gesso Black to colour some chipboard and the Colour Mica Powder in Olive to add sparkle. I love this colour when used on black as the shimmer pigment becomes the colour base.  

Lastly I also Colour Blast Black Heavy Gesso to prime my title and applied Colour Embossing powder in Sunshine.. Love the way the Embossing powder is golden on black gesso.

Hope you got some inspiration from here today!
Thanks for looking

Moment in Time - September Moodboard Challenge - Art and Soul

Welcome back to another mood board challenge. My personal favourite colours are coppers and teals when crafting... My collections dominates my shelves. 

This is the regular crew at my place, my sons and their best mates... can you pick who are mine and who's not???
Please forgive me for bending the rules... I used a Dragonfly! 
Check our some process shots below..

Some texture for the background

Some Lindy's sprays and a bit of dry brushing with White Gesso.

Highlighting the depth with a charcoal pencil. 

Lots of embossing with Lindy's of Scrap FX chipboards and a bit of a highlight with some Prima Waxes.

I used some rust pastes on some of the pieces as well to give it the rustic look. I finished off the patina with some blue waxes. 
Added some stones and some beads and a couple of metal charms from my stash.

My favourite part of the whole project is the way this dragonfly turned out... 
The way the wings took on the graduation of colour was perfection!
Thanks for looking Soul Sisters!

Mood Board Challenge Rules

Please use our mood board as inspiration to create an art journal page, a card or a scrapbook layout. Use the mood board however you want but you must add a butterfly on your project.

As these challenges are sponsored by Art and Soul Studio please make sure that you use at least one product that is available from the store.

There are 3 x $50 vouchers up for grabs!! One will be awarded for scrapbook layouts, one for cards and one for mixed media/art journaling.

You can enter an art journal page, a card and a layout but you cannot win all three.

You have until the 11:59pm on the 30th September to enter and then the design team will vote to determine the lucky winners.

Please note that the vouchers can only be won by residents of Australia but if you are from overseas and win the challenge you will be offered a guest design team spot.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Genuine - Colour Blast

Hi Friends... 
I have one for the boys here.. I wanted to capture the grunt of the car in this so I have gone with some grungy elements. This is my youngest and his Step Dad. Chris went all out asking a friend to get him one of the toughest cars on the professional show circuit for his farewell.. The grunt of this beast!

 I'll let you check out the close ups and then show you how I created the cogs and the matt for the photo with Colour Pastes and Colour Shimmer Dust.

 With this one I used the White Heavy Gesso and glad wrap technique where I painted a layer onto the wrap, misted and then dabbed the page to create a cloudy type of stamp. I needed this lighter layer so I could have some definition for my stamps. I then used two Kaiser Craft stamps to frame the background of where I wanted my focal point to go. 

Next up I used a reverse stamping technique with the Colour Shimmer Dust. This is so much fun! 
I sprinkled on the water colour paper ALL the blue shades (Duke, Navy, Peacock and Cobalt) and a bit of Midnight as well to give it some contrast I was aiming for oil on water.

Then I got my stamp and sprayed some water on it (NOT the page) and began activating the powders with the water from the stamp. I kept stamping until I was happy with result. You can do this several times over without it running. Once dry I brushed off the excess and the Mica still clung to the paper in areas giving it two ways to shine.

I was a little bit naughty here and used some of my Colour Shimmer pots. I used Leather, Stormy and Envy and created a rusted effect. You can also use the pastes to do this - just water them down slightly and it improves the consistency for dabbing the product on. 

I gave all the chipboard a coat of Colour Blast Black Heavy Gesso. I applied a layer of Leather, then Envy and some stormy on top... Kind of pushing the Envy into the background a bit.

I had some noise in the background of this pic so I brushed on some Heavy Black Gesso to fade it out.. 

I used the mica pigment from the Colour Embossing Powder to highlight the chains. I wanted something to contrast. I used my finger to rub it into the Heavy Black Gesso (once dry of course)..

From there it was simply a matter of creating a collage from all the pieces to create the effect of an engine block hanging from a hoist. 

Thanks for Looking 

Abela Artistry