Wednesday, 23 January 2019

European Christmas Markets - Dusty Attic - Abela Artistry

When I received my goodies, I wasn't really sure what to do with all the Christmas Chipboard... 
I'm am bit of a self confessed scrooge!  
So I sat back and let it talk to me... One thing that I always wished for when I was young was to see the Christmas markets from my Mothers homeland. I may not have gotten there yet but I got a little closer after today's play. 
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!!

 I primed my Dusty Attic Chipboard Houses with white gesso and used some embossing powder that mimics snow.  I really didn't know what this product was going to do as it came in a Mystery Box but I was pleased with the results. I coloured the houses with some gold metallic paint over the embossing powder and then again dry brushed with White gesso for texture. I used the same technique for my Santa Postage Stamps. 

For this canvas I tore some paper strips, added some Dusty Attic Corrugate card stock and layered them in the background. I covered them with and crackle paste and let them dry overnight. I then used white gesso to dry brush the texture out of the background. I used a generous amount of shimmery sprays and a little bit of metallic acrylic paint on the card stock to colour the project blue... staying away from the traditional Christmas colours. 

Mica flakes behind my snowflake embellishments, balls and micro beads. I primed with black gesso for the poinsettia and used metallic red acrylic applied with a make up sponge and then finished them off with some Bling.

I used two shades of embossing powder to colour my Christmas Tree sentiment. I went back and added a little of the Sparks acrylic paint to the edges of the poinsettia and the corrugate card stock. 
It was a project that made me feel it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 

Image 1
Merry Christmas Tree
Christmas Postmarks
Poinsettia Small
House Set - 3pk

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Dusty Attic Mood Board Inspiration - January 2019

Welcome to my FIRST Mood board on the other side... 
I cant tell you how honoured I am to be able to show you my Dusty Attic chipboard play!! This post is my  Challenge Inspiration for January. We have had an incredibly long heatwave in Sydney with temperatures in the mid to high 30 degrees Celsius for over 10 Days (100 Fahrenheit). The only break we have had from the weather is at the beach!!  
So welcome to Dusty Attic 2019.

Without further ado... here is a reminder of cooler days!!


Dusty Attic products used...
Wordpl@y #7
Fish Net

Coral # 1

Drift Wood #2
Shells #3
Tropical Foilage #3
Mini Seagulls

Drift Wood #1
Shells #2
Warped Flower Stencil

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

V Wall Nambucca Heads for Colour Blast Australia

 Hi there, this is my last post for 2018. I had prepared this one early however nothing goes to plan this time of year... I guess that's why its called the Silly Season... 
This was of me and my boys when we were on holidays earlier this year at Nambucca Heads.. Just some shenanigans on the V Wall. I still cant believe how much they have grown.. They were once babies riding trikes up and down this strip.. 
It truly is my happy place. 

I started out with a piece of glossy cardstock. I love using this kind as it gives a resist to the water colour without changing the properties of it like gesso can. I liberally put some water on the page with a paintbrush. I then sprayed some Colour Shimmer Dust in Cobalt and Peacock from my Home-made misters.. I dried in between layers so I could get the pooling effect to look like water. I splattered some extra colour with the still wet brush and also with my Colour Blast Gesso in white.. It was patiently waiting to be used on my chipboard.

Once that was dried I added some stamping to further enhance the water effect using bubbles and a crackle texture stamp. to finish the background I added some shimmery transparent bubbles with my Colour Paste in Snow.

Check out the sparkle and layers.. I almost felt like I was looking into a stream. 

Time to work on my embellishments. I used a sponge to apply my Colour Blast Gesso to the chipboard. I deliberately left peaks on there as I wanted to create some texture. Using my Colour Artist Inks in Barley, Walnut and Rust. I put down on the mat puddles of each and using tweezers dipped them in and dried in between. the colour will reactivate every time so you need to manipulate it to suit. I wanted to highlight the ridges so I used my Colour Shimmer Pot in Bling to touch on a few areas on the shells, I rubbed some onto my finger tip and left it tacky and almost dry and lightly rubbed it onto the stick. I wanted to give it the same effect as what I would get using wax.

I repeated the same process with the Seagulls and added a little bit of Leather from my Colour Shimmer Pot

 You can see the definition below. 
I love that it looked so natural in the end. 

To finish off my photos I tried to define them by running the edges into some of the Colour Shimmer Dust puddles in Peacock and Cobalt. I didn't like the straight edge it was giving me and I didn't want to get ink on my pictures. I grabbed an eye dropper and created a  messy edge. I used Peacock first and then Cobalt, but still wasn't happy with the definition. I then used some Midnight to darken the edge - I was much lighter handed this time round because I didn't want to lose my blues. 

Once done, I ran some wire across my page and threaded some fish charms I had. Layered some textured die cuts  and some cheesecloth to create a net. I added some Art stones in Mini and Regular with some beads to some gel medium and dragged them across the page.

 Thanks for looking and don't forget to tag me if you found some inspiration here on the Colour Blast Creative Corner in Facebook.

Abela Artistry

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Angel Dreaming - Art and Soul Studio

Hi there Soul Sisters...
My turn up on the blog today to share with you some inspiration.  Mixed Media canvas for you playing with some metallic paints and Chipboard. I have been eyeing off these Dusty Attic wings for a while now and wanted to showcase them in a project. 

Here is my process.. 
I started out adhering the chipboard and stones on the canvas. I also used some lace for extra texture in the background and painted it all in white gesso.

I began adding colour to the piece by layering in concentric circles moving inwards. I went from lightest to darkest and being more frugal in my applications as the deepened. 

I made sure to dilute the colour with water on the brush and applied it directly. I then sprayed a mist of water to get it too run into the deeper layers. I avoided adding colour to the wings as I wanted to make them a focal point. 

I made sure to dilute the colour with water on the brush and applied it directly. I then sprayed a mist of water to get it too run into the deeper layers. 

Once done I dry brushed some white gesso over the texture to push the colour deeper into the background.

I added some crackle paste... and a little rub of wax onto my stones.

Coloured some Cheesecloth. 

Popped my focal point on top of the cheesecloth and added some string in a halo. 

Used some Glass Glitter, Prills and Beads on my flowers. I wasn't really happy with the intensity of the embossing powder so I muted the colour with some wax. 

And a little bit of black archival ink with a blending tool over the textures.. and a bit of a dry brush with some gold paint over the chipboard. Some art stones to finish off my focal point. Here's a close up of the texture with the fabric.. Thanks for looking. 

Abela Artistry

Product list:
Lindys Stamp Gang - Bodacious Blush
Art Stones
Flowers 49 & Market - Potpourri Cerise and Hazelnut