Thursday 23 December 2021

Dusty Attic Moodboard - Notes and Thoughts Journal - December 2021 - Kristy Abela

 Hi Fanattics...

I was playing in my journal, my secret passion, and needed to create a title and a focal point for my layout. Now chipboard is usually really bulky to use in journals... 

Check out my hack to make it user friendly.


I started by painting the background black with gesso. I picked warm colours and created a pallet to use and a complimentary colour. This time I chose green. It made me feel like autumn. Always a winning colour pallet in my books. I added some marks with the back of a brush to create texture, crosshatching and some circles in by watering down the left over gesso on my craft mat and used my fingertip to create dots with the left over colours. I used some printed words from an encyclopaedia to create a theme. This one is Mythological. 

To add the chipboard, I used my scalpel to peel apart the layers. Go slowly so you don't tear the top layer. I then used a dry brush with paint to edge the chippy to create some definition.



Have fun creating and let me know how you go transforming your chipboard into exciting focal points.


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Monday 20 December 2021

Dusty Attic - Mini Project - Vintage Cards by Kristy Abela


Hi FanAttic's in this project I needed to top up my Card stash in preparation for Christmas. I'm not a traditional Christmas kinda gal so I created these vintage themed beauties using a 6 x 6 paper pad and chipboard remnants with a card quote chippy sheet. Check out this quick and easy mini project  with some card stock, oxides and a little bit of layering.

Here are some close ups of the projects and I have full length shots below... 

 Hope you have a safe and prosperous Christmas. 
Much love to you all from me and my family. 


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Tuesday 23 November 2021

Dusty Attic November Moodboard - Fall in love - Journal

Hi Dusty FanAttics! 

Hope you enjoy my inspiration. I love the neutrals and was really looking forward to exploring this pallet.

 Here are some close ups of the focal points. 



 Thanks for looking and Happy crafting!!



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Dusty Attic November Inspiration - Journal - Paradise is a feeling - Kristy Abela

 Hi FanAttics

I created this project while my local government area had been put into HARD lock down, meaning no leaving the house AT ALL unless its for groceries or medical emergencies. So when you see my page you are going to understand that these kinds of pages are created when you take for granted being able to connect with the ocean. I am so grateful for the Vaccination status of NSW and I have since re-connected. The ocean sets my soul free and I'm mustering all my happy vibes to get my HSC guy through the next few weeks... 

The background was created by my brayer and water soluble crayons. I used a stencil to create areas of interest and then used white gesso to calm down the noise in the background and help focus the eye. 
I added some collage papers to the background to build a focal point. I also used some metallic paste to create texture.

I used my hack to thin down chipboard. Take your scalpel and gently run it through a layer of chipboard on the back. this makes it thin enough to use in your journal. go slow and remember to not go too thin on the first attempt. you can always take more off but you cant out it back on... 

I used some chalk paints and a sponge to add colour and create a smooth transition between colours. 

I used some calico and wood wool to create a base for my photo. I tore the photo and inked the edges to create a frame and places a word sentiment on top. Thanks for looking and I hope you use chipboard in your journals too...



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Friday 23 July 2021

Strike a pose - Dusty Attic Inspiration for July

 Hey Dusty FanAttics,

Here is one of my favourite pics of my son and I goofing off on the train. If I don't wave my phone in front of their faces and call out 'Selfie' I'd never catch them on camera. I was mucking around with some Snapchat filters and caught this one. He's grown  some since then and now has  girlfriend who is camera obsessed... She thanks me (wink, wink). 


I got a hold of the fab Mr Handsome collection from 13@rts and ha to play with the grungy masculine papers. I cut the frame out of this page and mounted the trimmed paper onto a piece of card stock and then magic mounted the frame back on to create a sunken background. Before sticking the frame back on I got my brayer out and wanted to calm down the numbers in the background because I wanted to use the chipboard number panel to not only compliment it but to be a focal point. 

I used layers of paint and splattering to blend in the background. Once done I used my distress Oxides to shade in some areas to enhance the shadowing in the areas I wanted to highlight.

I fussy cut the elements from the collection and used brown shades of Distress inks to age them and created my collage

I kept the number Panel dark and neutral. I did use thick blobs of paint to create texture even though the colour wasn't too exciting. I coloured some gears as well to add to the layout and varied the shade on them to compliment but not compete with the number panel.

To make up for it I used the word "Pose" from the title pack and started out with it being a sand colour. I didn't think it did the layout any justice so I wanted to bling it up. Using tacky when dry glue and foil transfer I added layers of metallic colour to contrast the whole layout. What was grungy and matt suddenly had a bit of glamour for the pose!!

P.S. I painted out the guy who was sitting behind us on the train too... Who needs a noisy background!


Happy Scrapping!



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Number Panel Large

Strike a Pose 

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Wednesday 23 June 2021

Treasured Memories - Inspiration for June with Dusty Attic

 Hey Dusty fan's! 

I have made a layout this month celebrating the theme of marriage again. This was my Hens night and I am so privileged to have an amazing bunch of strong and independent women celebrating with me. Every one in this pic knows a version of me and collectively know my whole self... Thank you ladies for guiding me and celebrating with me!!


This is my inner circle family & friends old and new... I added some gold paint to the edges of the photo to add a mock gilded edge. I felt it fitted the glamour theme. 


I fell in love with this vintage camera. When Ciao Bella released there range of paper celebrating vintage Hollywood ! knew it had found its home. I picked some other elements to compliment the fussy cuts in this range and created a tribute. I used my pens to add dimension to the chipboard and layered it with some cog chipboard and a metal embellishment. I have close ups below.

I cut the chains and highlighted them with metallic waxes. I used distress oxides to add interest to the edges of the page and shaded out some areas with distress ink to reduce the page noise.

Here are the accents to the camera and the cogs layered in the background.

 Check in on the Dusty Attic Facebook page - Dusty Fanattics...a place to share and inspire... I look forward to your creations!! Thanks for looking!!


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Gears by Nuneka # 1




Sunday 30 May 2021

Happy Anniversary & Happy Birthday - Dusty Attic Mood Board May 2021

Once a year we have a very special day to Celebrate... 

When I visited my now hubby's parents for the first time, Nine years ago, I noticed memorabilia on the wall referring to my birthday. I casually asked and discovered my in-laws were married on my birthday. Its been a big day of double celebration ever since... This was a few years back... 

However, this year they celebrate 50 years together... 
Congrats to them!

I used the background to help bring the page to life. In this collection there was also a sheet that had abstract cutout elements that I fussy cut. I used them to shadow the original page. I added some modelling paste and sprinkled embossing powder on it. Once dry I heated it and got a variegated look. 

Here are the elements I used to bring my page to life.

I have always loved matting... Modern pages have stopped using a quick easy way to draw the eye to a focal point so I thought I would play around with it on this months layouts. I added a squiggly frame to the photograph to help block out some of the background noise.

My favorite element was the title.I used chalk paint and paint pens to create a weathered looking title and used white pen to accent it. I love the way the white lines give dimension to the 2D embellishments. 

I used lots of layering and foam tape to recreate the effect of layered flower. Stars were for wishes and hearts for happiness.



Check in on the Dusty Attic Facebook page - Dusty Fanattics...a place to share and inspire... I look forward to seeing your creations!! Thanks for looking!!



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