Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dusty Attic Mood Board Challenge

Hi there fellow Arty Crafters..
I have a new contribution to share with you. With all the sunshine Australians have had over Christmas I have been so typically Australian and soaked up the surf. Dusty Attics mood board challenge resonated with the blues I have been drinking in this summer. My kids were lucky enough to be born in a coastal country town and they tend to let loose on the sand and rocks and the lapping of the surf. So when I took this picture it captured my youngest sons sense of mischief and adventure. I hope you like it!!

Here is my fresh aquatic version of the Mood Board challenge. I used a background already created for me by Kaiser from their Salty Kisses range.

For this I love the shine in the Lindy Stamp Gang range of products. Reminiscent of the sun glistening on the water. I especially love the watermark it created on the splotch.
I feel as though you never know what you  will find in the ocean and this section is my 'fisherman's catch'.. I created it with Dusty Attic Ornate Frame 7. I loved the way the flourish reminded me of the images you see when you watch waves crash.
 I am in love with these fronds!! The perfect tropical accent  to any beach page. these particular ones are Tropical Foilage 1. I was digging into my stash and found some very old Making Memories beads! I love the way the look like little fish eggs or bubbles. 

 I wanted to add some cut out sections... you never know whats lurking beneath, after all... This is Australia!!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Lindy's Stamp Gang January 2017 Colour Challenge

Welcome to you all... by Kabela

Friday 6th January 2017

Here's my contribution.

That colour pallet inspired "Sunshine after the rain" for me.

My son had a stormy year last year and has started to believe in himself so much more. He's now a ray of sunshine rather than doom and gloom. I took this photo of him sitting on a large rock at the beach late last year and here I can see a calm in him that is just pure gold.

I don't know what made me take that picture in black and white considering it was a perfect blue sky day. Luckily I did... it fit the mood board challenge and I believe...  created a little bit of divine synergy for us both. Here's my first blog and contribution to any challenge anywhere, ever!!
Its my time to .... BELIEVE!

I wrapped the canvas in tissue paper to create a full layer of texture to base my other layers on. It worked amazingly for picking up the pigments in the Lindy's sprays and in the end I didn't want to cover them with texture paste. I highlighted the ridges with white gesso to emphasise the depths and Art Alchemy Steampunk Copper to highlight the peaks.

I have a rather organic feel when I create and used elements found in nature such as the honeycomb and card stock to ground the dreams like qualities in the picture. I used paint splatters to add to the whimsical mystical qualities of the moment I captured.

Some closer looks at the collage. 

I still think that the fluorescent light captures the metallic elements better than the ceiling lights but the ceiling gives the canvas much truer colour.

Product list.

Steampunk Sepia
Gag me with a spoon grey